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Personalized Digitizing Services: Have a favorite image, logo, or piece of artwork you wish to embroider onto apparel or accessories? Our team at Roslyn's Embroidery specializes in personalized digitizing services, transforming your non-digitized files into ready-to-embroider formats. Utilizing advanced software, we convert raster images into high-quality SVG files, ensuring your designs are scalable and embroidery-ready. This process allows for precise color matching, size adjustments, and texture emulation, promising a result that’s true to your original vision.


One-Time Cost, Forever Yours: Our digitizing service is offered at a one-time cost, providing you with a digitized file that is yours to keep. Use it for one project or many, the choice is yours. Our aim is to give you flexibility and freedom with your designs, making it easy to reproduce your favorite images on various items without compromising quality.


Logo Creation

Conceptualization to Creation: Don't have a file but possess a vivid concept? Share your ideas with us! Depending on the complexity of your vision, our in-house design team can craft a unique design for you, providing a quote based on the intricacies of your concept. From simple monograms to elaborate landscapes, we're equipped to handle a diverse range of design challenges.

Collaboration and Referral: Should your concept require specialized design expertise beyond our scope, we'll connect you with our network of talented third-party designers. Our priority is to ensure your needs are met, guiding you through the process from conceptualization to the final digitized design ready for embroidery.

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